Chemexport Company has been operating since 2006, specializing in the supply of chemical products on the Russian, CIS, Central Asia and other countries’ markets.

The aim of the company is to provide Russian companies with imported chemical raw materials and promotion of Russian high-tech chemical products in the markets of near and far abroad.

We have over 9 years experience of successful deliveries and technical support of the supplied products for the gas processing, petrochemical and catalyst industries.

High qualification and competence of our staff who have extensive experience in the chemical market, well known for our customers. This provides a competitive advantage for our company over other companies operating in the production and supply of chemical products.

Rapidly growing chemical market requires continuous professional development, continuous growth of skills.

To date, all our customers can count on constant information and technical support for all products supplied by our company. Reliability and long-term supply, a flexible pricing policy, individual approach and technical support - our priorities and rules in working with our clients.

We constantly analyze the chemical market and learned to anticipate the trends of its development. Each new task before us, we consider as another chance to exhibit the best qualities of our company and consolidate our position in the market for chemical products.


    Molecular Sieves, Adsorbents:
  • Molecular Sieve 4A
  • Molecular Sieve 4A - 2KT
  • Molecular Sieve 3A
  • Molecular Sieve 5A
  • Molecular Sieve 13X
  • Molecular Sieve 13X-K
  • Molecular Sieve 13X - GDO
  • Adsorbent A-4M
  • Activated Alumina
  • Hydrogen chloride adsorbent KNT-HCA-02M
  • Adsorbent of sulphur compounds KNT-SR
  • Activated alumina
  • Adsorbent KNT-COS
  • Microspherical cracking catalysts
  • Granular cracking catalysts
  • Alumina Catalyst for Sulphur Production
  • Catalysts for hydrotreating of crude oil
  • Catalyst RK-222M
  • Catalyst RK-231M
  • Catalyst RK-242M
  • Catalyst RK-442M
  • Catalyst RK-438M
  • Catalyst RK-720M
    Other Products:
  • Ceramic balls

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